Ticker’s Individual Programming is designed for clients who want to workout in a home or garage gym, a global fitness center, a CrossFit gym, or any other place that fitness can happen with this specific equipment list.

  • Heart rate monitor
  • CrossOver Symmetry purple activation bands
  • Rubber assist bands; red, green, black
  • Air bike
  • Rower
  • WallBall (14lb, 20lb)
  • Jump Rope
  • Barbell (15, 35, or 45lb)
  • Pull Up Bar
  • Rings
  • Boxes (12”, 20-24-30” rotatable box)
  • Dumbbells
    • In pairs (depending on your strength level): 10-15-20*-25-35*-50*lb
    • More than 1 year of CrossFit experience: Women only need 20 and 35, Men only need 35 and 50
  • Kettlebells
    • Stronger athletes 16/24 kg
    • Inexperienced athletes 12/16kg
  • Bumper Plates in pairs:
    • 10 lbs
    • 25 lbs
    • 45 lbs
  • Additional weights in pairs:
    • 2.5 lbs
    • 5 lbs

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Setting long- and short-term goals will help mark progress.

Once you purchase your Ticker Training program, the process begins with a face to face ZOOM Video call for Remote clients or an in-person member assessment at Ticker HQ. Your training is built around you and your goals, whether that is running a mile, deadlifting 400 lbs., or just being happy and productive throughout your day.


Establishing baselines ensure you train to achieve optimal results.

To create an evolving and adaptable long-term health plan that works to help you reach your goals and set new ones, completing assessments of baselines and benchmark workouts allow for maximal adjustment, growth, and adaptation across: Aerobic function • Strength • Stability • Nutrition • Body composition • Lifestyle stress • Sleep • Recovery

Using the MAF App Survey, aerobic steady state testing, and a detailed health assessment to determine your specific MAF (Maximum Aerobic Function) heart-rate zones, your program is designed to ensure you train optimally and efficiently to establish a robust aerobic system.


Ongoing monitoring and assessment of progress with SugarWOD and Selfloops ensures you are on target to meet your goals.

Based on your goals, your Ticker program will guide you on your journey to your best self. Your coach will be monitoring your progress, and with the help of Ticker assessment data, will educate and lead you towards better fitness and health choices intertwined with a targeted training plan to help you fight the distractions and temptations of life that could derail you from living your most joy-filled life! Your program will be uploaded into Train Heroic your personal SelfLoops account providing a daily structured plan designed to help you achieve your goals and will meet you at your starting point. You will be connected with your coach to help you get started.


Build a foundation for a long and active life.

Ticker is not with you for just the hour you’re at the gym, we’re guiding you every step of the way to living a healthy lifestyle. Frequent check-ins with your coach and continual assessments assure training is evolving with you as you reach and set new goals.