Ticker guides members to pursue long-term health through sustainable, paced, heart rate–based fitness within an inclusive, supportive community. With Ticker you are able to monitor your lifestyle through fitness to live your most joy-filled life.

Ticker can be done anywhere, by anyone. We offer 24 hour access to the Ticker gym in Ann Arbor where you will have a custom training program designed to meet your specific fitness goals. A Ticker coach is on the floor in our open gym environment, so that you may have the best of both worlds: working out in a group environment, while having a training plan tailored to you.

Already have a gym you love? No problem. Our programming adapts to your current gym, at home, in conjunction with your current training outside a gym for a sport or hobby or at a Ticker powered affiliate.

Programming can be personalized for a beginner to a professional athlete and everyone in-between. By learning to pace yourself your fitness and performance goals will be achieved without sacrificing your long term health.

What’s your Goal?

We use PNOE metabolic testing to guide your individualized fitness program.

Find out which Program is best for me.

With ticker we can improve the optimization of clients work capacity and give them measurable markers that lead towards health in a safe manner”
-Jen Charlesworth, Owner, CrossFit Tuebor