Ticker Training teaches the body through proper training, nutrition, rest, and stress management, to be metabolically efficient. Being a metabolic master makes reaching goals a matter of proper mindset with clear focus and direction and allows for the greatest expression of health and vitality. Feel good, look good, and move through life healthy, happy, and full of energy.

Ticker Training can be done by anyone, anywhere, it starts with 5 simple steps:

  1. Pace yourself
  2. Optimize your diet for fat adaptation in exercise
  3. Define your Maximum Aerobic Function heart-rate training zones and train within them
  4. Improve your sleep quality and quantity
  5. Learn to manage stress

Learning to pace yourself can be a long term process but it has even longer term results. Pacing to adapt to burning fat as a fuel source for exercise, reduces the stress on the metabolic system so the body can adapt, repair, grow, and recover in an efficient way. Having a targeted program to teach pacing within long, short, aerobic, and intense workouts makes Ticker Training an integral part of long term health and fitness.

Diet is vital to long term health and wellness; what we eat is what our body uses to fuel our activities. Part of Ticker Training is teaching the body to burn fat as its primary fuel source and to do so, providing a diet rich in healthy fats is key. There is no perfect one size fits all approach to a diet plan, but starting with eliminating processed foods and eating whole nutrient dense foods and healthy fats can enhance metabolic conditioning.

Ticker Training uses PNOE metabolic analysis testing to determine the optimal heart rate zones to target during training and learning to pace efficiently. These MAF, or Maximum Aerobic Function zones, are determined by a 12 minute ramp-up test on an Assault Bike with computer analysis of the fuel sources the body pulls from during the stress of exercise. Testing for your MAF frequently ensures that training is optimized for current stress, diet, and goals and training within these zones ensures the fastest adaptation and will lead to greatest health and physical expression of fitness.

Sleep is when the body repairs and adapts to life’s stress. Excellent quality and quantity of sleep can greatly improve how fast the body learns to become metabolically efficient. Ticker Training aims to not over-tire the system or overwhelm the body with too to much repair over the average night’s rest; through commitment, pacing, controlled progressions, and targeting testing days, adaptation, growth, and improvement comes easily with appropriate rest for maximum growth and gains.

Exercise and training are stress that we choose to add on top of the uncontrollable daily stresses of family, career, and life. Ticker Training emphasizes not over-stressing the body during exercise and training so that the balance of health and life allow optimum adaptation to these stressors while still growing physically, aerobically, and metabolically for true and long term health and wellness.

Ticker training has the advantage of teaching the body, from the basis of metabolism, to have the most efficient and healthy foundation for optimal health and wellness. A well rested and well adapted person is set up to be the most happy and healthy version of themselves to share with everyone they love and what is better than that?!

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