This method of fitness focuses on improving the function of the aerobic system, the fat-burning engine responsible for fueling all of the body’s needs. To learn from the
Dr. Maffetone click here,  or listen to Dr. Maffetone discuss the eight steps of mastering MAF.

Becoming Metabolically Efficient

Becoming metabolically efficient allows you to utilize the specific fuel source your body is requires during training without creating unnecessary inflammation, stress, and fatigue. Listen in with Bob Seebohar as he discussed the benefits to becoming metabolically efficient.

Pace Yourself

Allowing yourself to slow down and learning to move efficiently improves your long-term health.

Becoming Fat Adapted

Burning fat as a fuel source unlocks your body’s ability to reach homeostasis, find your healthiest body composition, and to reduce soreness and inflammation from exercise. Fat is an efficient fuel source that allows you to sustain your training without stress and inflammation. Here is one athletes discussion on becoming a fat adapted athlete.

Fat Math

There are 3,500 fat calories in one pound of fat. It takes the average high-intensity exerciser 14 weeks of training five days a week for one hour to lose one pound of fat. A fat-burning exerciser is able to achieve the same result in two weeks by training at lower intensities.