FUEL powered by Ticker and PNOE

We often talk about metabolism as if it is a single mechanism in your body; you use your metabolism to convert food calories into energy to exist. Calories in, energy out and the body is in balance; it seems so simple.

The reality is that metabolism is a complicated series of functions that are happening all the time and there are different rates at which it works to supply your body with the energy to exist and to move and to do work.

Your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the energy required by your body to perform the most basic functions when your body is at rest. These essential functions include things like breathing, circulating blood, and basic brain functions.

Your RMR keeps you alive, but you also move! Your metabolism provides the energy expenditure for that as well. Ticker Programming paired with FUEL is designed to enhance your metabolic rate by manipulating what your body converts to energy while training.

Ticker educates you about zones and oxygen and burning efficient fuel in your training sessions and now with Ticker FUEL we can start to educate you about the specific fuel your body is demanding!

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Paired with PNOE metabolic analysis, Ticker is now offering a FUEL (Food Utilized on an Elemental Level) program! We will determine your RMR and your Ticker Training zones with the PNOE, then take into account your specific metabolic and dietary needs and prescribe a diet plan that will support your goals. You will receive a weekly diet plan mapped out with meals, snacks, and complete grocery list. Download Sample.