Ticker Training is a personalized, heart rate–based fitness program
that helps you live a healthy life.

(Keep up with the kids, travel…)

(Keep up with the kids, travel…)


  • enjoy recreational outdoor activities (biking, hiking, kayak, horseback…)
  • Play with your kids or be an active grandparent
  • Play recreational sports
  • Be an active, happy human to enjoy all life has to offer
  • Improve quality of life
  • Maintain Independence


  • more energy throughout the day
  • recover from childbirth, surgery or sickness sleep well
  • Improve metabolism
  • Improve cardiac and aerobic function
  • Improve strength and flexibility

A healthy lifestyle isn’t out of reach, and our coaches will be with you at every step to meet your goals.


Each training session will be built specifically for you, based on your assessments, your goals, and designed to improve your life and eliminate weakness that is holding you back from living your happiest life.

10-15 min. Warm-up and Instruction
15-20 min. Strength Building
15+ min. Aerobic training session
5 min. Cool Down and Recovery

Program Outline

  • Set goals aligned with current and desired lifestyle
    • Establish baseline health scores, discuss goals, and work with your coach to build a plan for training, nutrition, sleep, and stress reduction. Setting long- and short-term goals will help mark progress. Continually assessing benchmarks will inform program revisions to ensure the deepest level of personalization.
  • Build your aerobic system
    • Initial aerobic assessment utilizes the PNOE Metabolic Analyzer to provide data that will guide your plan. Building aerobic capacity is the key to moving you towards optimal health.
  • Building strength
    • With baseline measures in mind, you will build a foundation of strength, stability, and range of motion for a long and active life.
  • Receive assessment and support
    • Ongoing monitoring and assessment of progress throughout the program ensures you are on target to meet your goals.
  • Health recovery
    • If you have just had a baby, surgery, or have neglected putting your health as a priority
    • Recover your independence

Our 4 week initial membership with help get you started on a program related to your personal lifestyle goals.

“Since I started Ticker, I know I am a way better husband, father, and teacher than I’ve been in a long time, I have a greater ability to give more of myself to the people I love.”
– Vaughn Smith, Competitive Masters Athlete

We provide personalized fitness coaching to meet ANY goal: weight loss, competitive athletes, or long term healthy lifestyle. Each member starts with a series of assessments to determine a personalized plan.
How does Ticker work?