CrossFit TreeTown implemented Ticker Training on January 15, 2018, with 168 members. Today’s membership total is 203 and growing. Retention is up and the average gym use has grown from an estimated 2.5 days per week to 3.5 days per week per member.

Ticker for gym owners provides options for gym owners looking to offer their clients optimal training and programming for health, wellness, and sustainability. Ticker offers both personalized gym-wide programming and adaptable community-wide Ticker programming depending on your business model and goals. Client health, retention, and gym growth are prioritized with both programs and are adaptable for gyms of any size.

Offering a Ticker Training program allows you to: 

  • Save time on programming
  • Retain members
  • Acquire a new and profitable revenue stream through PNOE testing
  • Have happier, healthier members
  • Reduce and/or eliminate injuries from muscle overuse and a depleted aerobic system
  • Implement a clear vision and mission for your gym
  • Offer higher order progressive programming
  • Join our community’s mission to kill the “no pain no gain” mantra one athlete at a time!
  • Monitor your progress and success with measurable data points

Offering a Ticker Training program allows you to:

  • Become a leader in your market in metabolic efficiency training
    • Upon implementation of Ticker at your facility, your staff will go through an extensive initial education process that teaches coaches how to effectively implement heart rate–based functional aerobic fitness at your facility. Your coaches will be provided monthly mentoring calls to address member challenges. You will also have access to the Ticker Podcast, Youtube tutorials, and more.
  • More accurately assess members
    • With Ticker, you will be implementing an assessment protocol that will show your members progress throughout training. Ticker utilizes an in-depth system health screen, PNOE metabolic test, Inbody body composition analyzer, field test, and more.
  • Offer top-of-class programming
    • Daily Workout Programming
      • Warm-up
      • Strength/Skill Training
      • Metabolic Efficiency Programming (the Daily WOD)
      • Testing/Assessment

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PNOE Metabolic analysis supports and guides the science behind Ticker.

Listen to why Andrew and Jen Charlesworth decided to power their affiliate, CrossFit Tuebor, by Ticker.

“With Ticker we can improve the optimization of clients work capacity and give them measurable markers that lead towards health in a safe manner”
-Jen Charlesworth, CrossFit Tuebor