Your complete introduction to Ticker takes place over four weeks. We believe every individual is unique. With this in mind, we designed Ticker to utilize the latest advancements in technology to scientifically measure the impact of your training and lifestyle and then guide you along your fitness journey to your healthiest, happiest life!

Every Ticker program begins with five in-depth series of personalized assessments, and four weeks of personalized training to determine your unique metabolic system, body composition, and movement pattern starting points.

Knowing where you are starting from is vital to mapping out a detailed and comprehensive plan to help you reach your short and long term health and fitness goals.

Assessment 1
PNOE metabolic analyzers: PNOE measures your efficiency at exchanging Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide. We analyze this data to see metabolic reactions and adaptations and can determine your most efficient training zones to maximize fuel utilization (carbs vs fats) and to effectively train for advancement.

Assessment 2
The Kinetisence movement analyzer:
Using 3-D cameras to analyze how you move through a series of flexibility, stability, and dynamic tests we can design your program around these vital patterns to advance your training and enhance how you move through life pain free.

Assessment 3
Body Composition with Fit3D: Determining your specific and unique body composition with 3-D body mapping technology- we can determine how your body is built around your muscles, water, fat, and bones. Paired with your goals we can use this data to show changes over time and adaptations to training and conditioning.

Assessment 4
Baseline Strength and Work Capacity: Having baseline measurements for strength and work capacity provides us numbers and a solid starting point to grow your program effectively. Pulling, pressing, squatting, and aerobic and anaerobic capacity tests help structure your work and program around where you are and to lead you where you want to go!

Assessment 5
Personal Programming: Based on your four assessments your coach will build you 3 weeks of personalized training to further assess, and challenge you. During this time you will learn what it is like to have a personal coach at Ticker Training. We want you to be immersed in all Ticker has to offer during your assessment membership.

Assessment 6
Goal Setting: Before your Ticker program can be built around all that we learned from your baselines and assessments we have to finalize where you want to go! To determine how to best reach your goals through individualized coaching we will sit down and analyze all the data, the results, and formulate the best plan and program to lead you to living your best life both inside and outside the gym!

*member assessments may vary for remote clients

Upon completion of a 4 week initial membership, program options include:

Designed for the individual looking for an all-inclusive program constructed around an extensive metabolic and movement-based analysis to be guided by a coach at Ticker HQ in Ann Arbor, Michigan.​

Designed for the garage-gym athlete looking for a metabolically specific and personalized fitness program to be done remotely with an on-line coach outside of the Ann Arbor, Michigan area.

Created for the individual that is interested in participating in both metabolically paced group fitness classes and working towards specific goals with additional programming to be done in a coached open gym hybrid concept at Ticker HQ in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


Ticker Metabolic Assessment is specifically designed to assess your metabolic system and determine the most effective and efficient program to condition your aerobic capacity. With a PNOE metabolic analysis, you and your coach will determine the best program to guide you to your healthiest self!

TICKER FOR GYM OWNERS: starts at $400/mo.
Ticker for gym owners provides options for gym owners looking to offer their clients optimal training and programming for health, wellness, and sustainability. Ticker offers both personalized gym-wide programming and adaptable community-wide Ticker programming depending on your business model and goals.