Ticker is a science based, custom fitness program that is built around you.

Your goal. Your pace. Your desired location. Your metabolic analysis.

Which best describes your fitness goal?
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We use PNOE metabolic testing to guide your individualized fitness program.

“Since I started Ticker, I know I am a way better husband, father, and teacher than I’ve been in a long time, I have a greater ability to give more of myself to the people I love.”
– Vaughn Smith, Competitive Masters Athlete

We provide unlimited personal training to meet ANY goal: weight loss, competitive athletes, or long term healthy lifestyle. Each member starts with a series of assessments to determine a personalized plan.

Ticker Training offers unlimited personal training in our open gym environment.

Whether you are looking to run your first marathon, looking to lose body fat or simply just wanting to have more energy to keep up with your kids, our coaches develop an individualized plan for you to meet that goal. Because your program is built with your fitness level in mind, you will work at your pace to achieve your goal, while overcoming any hurdles you’ve faced in the past.

Ticker allows you to do more work with less effort.

Training to increase aerobic capacity over time allows standard functional fitness movements to be performed at a controlled pace, focusing on technique. As the body adapts and becomes more efficient at sourcing and using energy, you will achieve more reps at a higher weight and faster pace with a lower heart rate. This capacity means less strain and stress on your mind and body and leads to greater performance and improved health markers!

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